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Who We Are

The Purple Flip is a mission-driven health and wellness company committed to uplifting and empowering people to make healthy lifestyle choices, the foundation for overall success. We believe that when individuals strive for personal wellness—physical health, mental health, and spiritual health—they can show up as the best versions of themselves.

Philosophy of Our Name:
The Purple Flip

The color purple relates to imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the mind and inspires high ideals. Purple promotes harmony of the mind and emotions, contributing to mental balance, stability, and peace of mind. Containing both the energy and strength of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue, this is the union of body and soul creating a balance between our physical and spiritual energies.

The word flip: To transform, re-imagine, or make better for ones benefit.

We want to help flip your mindset to start living a healthier you—Mind, Body and Soul.

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